Extreme Flight Edge 540T EXP 2011

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Nahráno uživatelem dne 30.01.2011

After a lot of hard winter weather we finally were blessed with a beautiful day to get out and have a blast with the Extreme Flight Edge 540T EXP! I'm running the recommended Torque 2814/820, Airboss 45A Elite, 2,350mah, 4s, lipo, APC 12x6, Hitec HS-65MGs with an HS-82MG on the elevator.
This plane is flat out amazing and unrivaled in it's abilities to fly precise, stable and insane 3D and is amazing in all aspects of precision sequences as well!





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  • I have them all and they're all amazing! The Extra is the most precise, while the Edge is the most stable in 3D. The MXS is the craziest of the bunch, but they'll all do it all. You will be happy with any-or all. :-)

  • Expo is all personal and you should set it up as you like it. start out with 50 on the elevator and ailerons and 40 on the rudder and increase or decrease from there. I run between 18-25 on mine, but that freaks most people out. ;-)

  • I am now, but have not always been. I have been flying nothing but Extreme Flight since long before getting on the team! There's just nothing better!

    Congratulations on your new Edge! You'll love it!

  • Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the video.

    The Airboss ESC has an excellent and powerful BEC and provides more than enough power for the servos. There is no need to run a separate pack on the RX

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  • @DanielPHolman, Have you flown the extra 300 exp or the mxs exp? I never have flown and extreme flight plane and i would like to get one but I haven't decided among them (extra, mxs and 540t). Would you give me your opinion?

    Thank you for your time.

  • Hey Daniel, I had the pleasure of meeting and taking a picture with you at muncie In. AMA .Great video and flying as always.I agree extreme flight has the best planes. I have this one and 2 of the extra 300 exp.red and blue one.I has a blue and lost signal and crashed it but i like it so well i ordered 2 more.like to get the 58 extra and try nitro with it.keep up the great flying. Fan for life.God bless.

  • @DanielPHolman my freing has an extra and he doesnt use any expo and hes crazy!

  • @DanielPHolman one more question what are your rates and expo on your controls because i put the recomeneded thros but it too little but i wanted to know how much expo you put.

  • hey daniel love the vid im building that same plane and im 13 and im also a 3d monster, but i wanted to know are you sponsered by extreme flight?

  • Hey Daniel

    Amazing flying as always ! I just would like to know, do you use a reception battery for the servos or do you use the main propulsion battery to power the servos as well ?

    Can the Airboss ESC distribute sufficiant power for controling four servos and recption ?




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